Hofseth North America

Standards of Quality

We believe our customers deserve the best.

No GMO's

Hofseth does not genetically modify our products. All our fish are without GMO's and follow this life journey.

  • The eggs hatch and develop into smolt.
  • The smolt grow bigger in one of our hatcheries.
  • The fish is transferred to a fish farm where it stays until harvest ready.
  • A live fish carrier transports it to the harvesting plant.
No GMO's

No Antibiotics

Hofseth does not use antibiotics in any of our products, and we ensure antibiotics are not needed through proper procedures.

  • Disinfection of pipes and tanks with ozone.
  • Fully automatic washing systems.
  • Ultraviolet treatment of seawater.
  • Monitoring of the oxygen labels.
No Antibiotics

Low Density Pens

By lowering the pen denisty of farmed salmon, we make a commitment to fish health and the environment.

  • Only 200,000 fish swim in each cage.
  • Stable water temperatures are maintained.
  • Ample oxygen is supplied.
  • Correct amounts of feed are given.
Low Density Pens