Hofseth North America

Value-Added Services

We start with the best fish on the planet, and then customize it to your needs.


Fresh & frozen portions in different sizes and cartons. The portions are individually, vacuum-packed (IVP), or packed quickfrozen (IQF).

Fillet Cuts

Custom trimmed Norwegian farmed Atlantic salmon and Steelhead trout, available with skin-on or skin-off. 100 % Superior quality, Salmon Welfare™


Portions can be pre-marinated with a variety of tastes; including Lime & Pepper, Provence, Cognac & Dill, Honey & Mustard, or customer's recipe.

Herbed Options

Portions can include a variety of herbed options, produced according to the customer's specifications.

Consistent and Custom Cut Dimensions

Your delivery will include a consistent cut size, and the product can be cut to the customer's specifications.

Shrink Wrap Packaging

We provide a wide range of packaging options, including shrink wrap, multivac, singlevac, skinpack, and more.

Custom Quantities

Boxes can be customized to your preferred product quantities.

Smoked Options

We smoke pre-rigor, at the source, for a better taste and finer quality.