Hofseth North America

Strategic Production Process

Fresh Fish, All The Way!

Hofseth Syvde

A core business in Vanylven Komune on the west coast of Norway.

  • Plant Location: Syvde, Norway
  • Started Production: 2005
  • Production Capacity: 73 Million Lbs of Finished Product
  • Main Products: Frozen Salmon and Frozen Cod
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Hofseth Valderøya (Seafood Farmers)

Established in 1986 with a long tradition in fish processing.

  • Plant Location: Valderøya, Norway
  • Started Production: 1986
  • Production Capacity: 37 Million Lbs of Finished Product
  • Main Products: Fresh and Frozen Salmon, and Fresh and Frozen Steelhead Trout
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Hofseth Aalesund

Our headquarters location, and largest processor.

  • Plant Location: Ålesund, Norway
  • Started Production: 2016
  • Production Capacity: 77 Millions Lbs of Finished Product
  • Main Products: Fresh Salmon and Fresh Steelhead Trout
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Process Overview

We have modern factories strategically located on the Norwegian coast near the Salmon farms of our suppliers. Our employees are highly skilled and experienced, taking great pride in their work. Many of them are certified at the highest level and HACCP certification is another major element in our Quality Assurance System. We are also BRC certified, which is one of the most demanding certifications for the production of food.

Food safety based on fresh raw material is the central focus of our entire value chain and logistics. The time factor is crucial and our production system is geared up to handle this accordingly. Our ability to quickly adapt to market and customer requirements is one of our unique strengths and we have an excellent reputation for fulfilling our promises. Read More

Starting with Smolt

The whole process starts in the hatcheries, where the fish eggs hatch. Acess to high quality water sources from the surrounding moutains helps to gives the smolt a clean and healthy start in life. Hofseth closely monitors the hatcheries every day, which is the key to our ability to supply smolt of high quality to our facilities.

Into the Farms

Between high mountains and deep fjords, you will find our fish farms. Stable water temperatures and an ample oxygen supply promotes continued healthy growth. Farming technicians ensure the right amount of feed, maintain the nets, and combat the sea lice. All of the Hofseth fish are without GMO's and are never administered antibiotics.

Time for Harvest

We use live fish carriers with the latest technologies to ensure the welfare of the fish. Fully automated washing systems, ultraviolet treatment of seawater, disinfectant of pipes and tanks with ozone, and monitoring of oxygen levels ensures the high quality of the fish until they are harvested.

Execution and Delivery

Our team handles the entire logistics process from plant retrieval to final delivery. We work 7 days a week to ensure that quality product reaches your hands in a timely manner.