Hofseth North America

The Whole Fish and Nothing but the Fish

The strategy within Hofseth is to utilize 100% of the seafood we process.

Hofseth BioCare Midsund Plant

  • HACCP codex alimentary practices including Friend of the Sea
  • Annual processing capacity of 20.000 tons raw material
  • FDA-approval, GMP+, Kosher, Halal
  • Long term agreement for raw material supply
  • 24/7 Operation

Hofseth BioCare Berkåk Plant

  • Applied HACCP codex
  • State-of-the-art spray drying plant
  • Receives protein in liquid form from the hydrolysis plant
  • Spray-dries into highly soluble protein powder
  • Complete control of the protein value chain

Hofseth Biocare

A Norwegian biomarine company with roots back to year 2000. Their proprietary technology is based upon a new method for fully controlled by-product refinement up to high-end products. After 12 years of R&D, testing and documentation, the company’s proprietary enzymatic hydrolysis-process converts by-products to sustainable value-added products. Hofseth BioCare’s products are sustainable and traceable. There is a growing demand for proteins in the world and providing sustainable high quality products to the market is the main goal for Hofseth BioCare.

Hofseth BioCare truly cares about the environment, so we utilize as much of the bi-products from our production as possible. Our yield control ensures that nothing goes to waste and that the off cuts from our production plants end up at Hofseth Biocare within a few hours. The raw materials are treated as plus products with the same stringent quality procedures as other Hofseth products. Read More