Hofseth North America

What Makes Us Different

Our office is located 5 minutes away from Chicago O'Hare airport.

"At Hofseth, we are aware that the seafood industry is about much more than just seafood. It is about delivery performance, business and social responsibility, innovation through developing new products and production methods and about providing quality products to our customers."

Roger Hofseth

CEO - Hofseth International

1. High Quality Fish

Norway’s wonderful, unspoiled natural environment is famous worldwide for its deep, cold, and clear fjords. This unique nature has made Norway a perfect area for fish farming; an area where the Atlantic salmon really belong after thousands of years with natural accommodation.

Hofseth's products come from Norway’s best and most sophisticated farmers, with the best sites in the clean, deep Norwegian fjords. They are farmers who know that a prerequisite for farming fish is to work in harmony with nature. Hofseth only uses 100% superior fish, farmed on the principle of good, ethical husbandry and sustainable production. Medicine residues and other non-natural chemicals have never been found in any samples of any fish from Hofseth's suppliers the last 15 years. You would not find such documentation in any other salmon farming countries.

This modern philosophy provides the healthiest fish, best fish welfare, and the highest quality and economy for all parts. Try a product from Hofseth and you will feel the original taste of a healty Atlantic salmon from the deepest and cleanest fjords of Norway.

2. Our Traceability System

Documentation and traceability are increasingly important in all our food production. Our main suppliers take hundreds of samples from both fish and feed every year, with a vision to ensure the salmon grow under the best conditions possible. With such types of raw information, we are able to produce and distribute a safe and tasty product for our customers worldwide.

With our traceability system and cooperation with our main suppliers, we are currently able to link the production process from fish eggs to final product, ready for eating. Within minutes we are able to review the whole life story for our valued fish.

3. Maximum Levels of Sustainability

Hofseth does not expend unnecessary CO2 for the transportation of raw materials to process our products on the other side of the globe, just to be imported once again to our main market. Our entire product is processed locally in Norway, with the newest available technology.

Global Welfare

Within the framework of what we can influence, we will strive to ensure that our production, suppliers, partners and other partners respect and follow the principles of our Code of Conduct.

Human Welfare

A good and stable relationship with all employees, based on mutual respect and dignity is vital to Hofseth International.

Business Welfare

The enterprise and its management shall continuously work for a healthy financial development and good profits for their shareholders.

Enviromental Welfare

Hofseth International commits itself to proactive environmental management, because we strongly believe that the seafood industry can contribute significantly to a more sustainable world.

Salmon Welfare

Hofseth International shall manufacture products and services of such a quality that the company's existence is secured in the short and long run.